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About us

DEMCON BuNova is an engineering agency with a high-end expertise in the area of heat transfer, fluid dynamics and structural analysis. DEMCON BuNova aims to be a partner to customers in achieving their goals in research, development and engineering programs.

The goal is to develop and improve the insight and knowledge about mechanisms that determine the implementation of a customers product or process. DEMCON BuNova offers high-end virtual simulation facilities based on an academic approach.


DEMCON BuNova has a broad knowledge and experience area, with experts that are each specialized in a specific competence domain. Especially where disciplines cross, and knowledge of different areas is needed, DEMCON BuNova offers an added value. The most important subdivision of competencies is:

Flow problems and questions related to fluid flow
Thermal problems and questions where heat, temperature and heat transfer play a role
Structural problems and questions related to solid materials
Acoustics problems and questions where acoustics and vibrations are important
Fluid Structure Interaction problems and questions where there is an interaction between flow and a solid shape or form

More information on the different competence area’s can be found here.