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DEMCON Bunova is an engineering firm with high-end expertise in the areas of heat transfer, fluid dynamics, process technology, electromagnetism and structural analysis.

Bunova offers clients innovative solutions for the design, development and improvement of processes and devices in which physical and chemical processes play an important role. Bunova works for a large number of markets, such as the process industry, semiconductor industry, oil & gas sector, maritime sector, heat exchanger applications and medical technology.

BuNova development BV was founded in Zwolle in 1997 and has developed over the last 20 years as a player of size. In 2014, Bunova was added to the DEMCON group and became DEMCON bunova. At the moment we mainly work from our branch in Enschede (Overijssel) and our branch in Son (North Brabant) and where necessary at the customers on site.

DEMCON Bunova’s tools consist of in-depth physical knowledge and extensive knowledge in the use of software for performing simulations. Using design simulations to calculate and improve a design before a physical prototype is built, can save clients a lot of time and money. Bunova works with software for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), finite element methods (FEM), Lumped Element Methods (LEM) and dynamic modelling. In many calculations the interaction between fluid and gas flows and the surrounding systems is central, but it can also be stresses and deformations in structures, heat development and temperature distributions, and other aspects of material behaviour. Click here for more information about our toolsuite.

The added value of DEMCON Bunova as part of the DEMCON group is very large compared to a conventional CFD and / or FEM / FEA consultancy firm. The integration of DEMCON Bunova with the other DEMCON businesses means that the expertise of Bunova rests on a foundation of experience in design and production in a range of applications that the DEMCON group is rich in. This makes it possible to switch very quickly between performing simulations, virtual prototyping, (re) designing products or parts and / or performing measurements. This allows DEMCON Bunova to act as a full development partner of your product.

Bunova participates in DEMCON development projects and independently carries out projects. With its expertise and calculation power, Bunova provides a deepening and broadening of DEMCON’s expertise in calculations and simulations – thus strengthening DEMCON’s development capacity for complex projects.