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High-end software

In addition to our in-depth physical knowledge at academic level (MSc. & PhD) specialist software is used to make high-end simulations and analyzes. Depending on the type of problem, we work with software for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), finite element methods (FEM) and dynamic modeling using LEM (lumped element model).


Demcon Bunova has been actively been using Ansys Inc.’s products for years. Ansysy is a major global player in the field of computer-aided engineering (CAE). Well-known organizations such as Ferrari, Red Bull Racing, BMW, Rolls Royce, TNO and Dyson use Ansys products to make mechanical or flow technical analyzes.

Demcon Bunova has active licenses of Ansys CFX (currents), Fluent (flow) and Ansys Mechanical (structural / thermal), Spaceclaim (3D CAD model pre-processing) and Ansys Meshing. This makes it one of our most important software tools.


Demcon Bunova uses COMSOL Multiphysics to investigate the interaction of electrical and magnetic fields.  This software suite is particularly suitable for solving strongly coupled physical problems. Demcon Bunova makes especially use of the electromagnetic AC / DC and Heat Transfer modules from COMSOL. Our experience in the field of electromagnetism and use of COMSOL Multiphysics has been acknowledged by COMSOL. Demcon Bunova is listed on their website as “COMSOL Certified Consultant”.


Demcon Bunova uses products from Mathworks to create dynamic simulations at system level. Mathworks is a leading player in the field of mathematical computer software for engineers and scientists. It is used by appealing organizations such as Tesla, Space-X, Airbus and ASML. Demcon Bunova has licenses from both Matlab and Simulink to perform LEM simulations. In addition, we have developed a number of additional tool boxes in-house to solve specific problems.


For each simulation we start with importing and optimization of a 3D CAD model. In many cases, this model is supplied by our client as a native file or the more general STEP / Parasolid file formats. Often the model still needs to be modified in order to be able to use in the simulation software. In some cases there are only sketches or 2D drawings available. To prepare the simulations, SolidWorks from Dassault is used in these cases.

Other software

Demcon Bunova also has experience with other software packages such as STAR-CCM +, NX Nastran and FEMAP from Siemens PLM software to the once shown above. The licenses are this software are not continuous but obtained as a lease on a per month basis.

Besides these commercial software tools Demcon Bunova also uses scripting languages such as Python to add extra functionality.