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DEMCON bunova has a broad knowledge and experience field, with experts who are each specialized in a specific field. Particularly where disciplines cross each other, and knowledge of multiple areas is required, bunova has added value.


Flow of gasses and liquids, or mixtures of gasses, liquids and even particles, are often a challenging and important part of the design process. Whether it is the flow around a building or a wing or turbine blade, the flow through a room or machine part, the design of an efficient cooling system or the flow through a pump or compressor, DEMCON BuNova has the knowledge and experience to help simulate, consult and advise in the design process. Examples of flow related problems include:

  • Wind aerodynamics & hydrodynamics
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning)
  • Multi phase flows
  • Rotating flow devices
  • ATEX
  • Cooling systems
  • Flow induced vibrations
  • Fluid-structure interactions


Proper heat management of heat within a device, component or process, or at large scale in a building or vehicle, can make the difference between successful implementation, or expensive redesign and adjustment. The (virtual) mapping of heat flows, temperature distributions and the influence of temperature differences or changes on parts at an early stage in the design process can avoid many problems later on. DEMCON Bunova has, among others, experience with:

  • Heat transfer / heat exchangers
  • Combustion processes
  • Evaporation and condensation
  • Thermomechanical stress analysis
  • HVAC (Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning)
  • Fluid-structure interactions


DEMCON Bunova offers advice in a wide scale of structural analysis. This can be in the area of stiffness and strength calculations of complex structures or determining the response to a harmonic excitation. Also the prediction of plastic deformations, buckling or the mechanical interaction of parts is part of our portfolio. Especially when problems are complex and cooperation with DEMCON BuNova is initiated early on in the design process, high costs for redesign can be avoided. In this respect one could consider:

  • Stiffness and strength
  • Vibrational
  • Plastic deformation and creep
  • Contact mechanics
  • Anisotropy in materials
  • Multibody dynamics and impact analysis
  • Buckling and failure
  • Thermomechanical stress
  • Fluid structure interaction
  • Code calculations (e.g. PED 2014/68/EU)


AC coil electromagnetism
Courtesy of COMSOL

The way electric and magnetic fields interact in nature is utilized by many types of devices nowadays, from antennas to electric motors for example. Maxwell’s equations describe the behaviour of the fields and they can be solved using finite element analysis tools. Such simulations can be valuable because they can provide insight in the workings of a system, or accurate specifications and validation of a design. When optimizing a design, simulation is almost indispensable. DEMCON Bunova provides the theoretical expertise and simulation skills that are necessary in many electromagnetic engineering processes. Examples of systems for which this can be essential are:

  • Electrical machines
  • Inductive, capacitive and resistive devices
  • Magnetic shielding
  • Magnetic circuits
  • Superconductor systems
  • Induction heating
  • Joule heating in resistive devices
  • Thermal analysis of coils


The influence of acoustics on machines, machine parts, but also spaces is something that (without advanced simulation knowledge) is difficult to predict, but can sometimes have very large consequences for the design. Especially when looking at the interaction of acoustic vibrations with fixed components or currents. In addition, DEMCON Bunova also has advanced measurement techniques to visualize sound sources in existing situations. This can be in the area of:

  • Room and building acoustics
  • Sound and vibration of machines
  • Vibration absorbers and dampers
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Jet acoustics
  • Thermoacoustics
  • Underwater acoustics

Fluid structure interaction

The interaction between the flow of a fluid and a solid mechanical part is a common, but often extremely complex, situation. While fluid dynamics looks only to flow, for example through CFD, and structural mechanics only looks to solids, for example via FEM/FEA, in the case of FSI, both is done. For example one could simulate the influence that the motion of a solid part has on a flow, or the influence a flow has on the deformation of- or force on a solid part. In those cases there is a one-way interaction (one phase influences the other, but not the other way around). One could also simulate a two way interaction, where the flow influences the shape or motion of a part, and the part, in turn, influences the flow. DEMCON Buniva possesses the computational capabilities and experience to perform numerically expensive, complex co-simulations with interaction between CFD and solid mechanics. Among others:

  • Flow induced vibrations
  • Mixing and separation
  • Thermomechanical stress
  • Rotating flow devices

Bunova as part of DEMCON group

The added value of DEMCON Bunova as part of the DEMCON group is large, compared to a conventional CFD and/or FEM/FEA engineering company. The integration of DEMCON Bunova with the other DEMCON parts means that the expertise of Bunova rests on a large foundation of knowledge about measurements, design and production in a large variety of applications that are make up the DEMCON group. This means that it is possible to shift very quickly from the performing of simulations to virtual prototyping, to (re-) design of products or parts and/or the doing of measurements. This makes that DEMCON Bunova is capable of acting as a full development partner of your products.