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The influence of acoustics on machines, machine parts, but also spaces is something that (without advanced simulation knowledge) is difficult to predict, but can sometimes have very large consequences for a design. Especially when looking at the interaction of acoustic vibrations on fixed components or flows. In addition, DEMCON Bunova also has advanced measurement techniques to visualize sound sources in existing situations. This can be in the area of:

  • Room and building acoustics
  • Sound and vibration of machines
  • Vibration absorbers and dampers
  • Aeroacoustics
  • Jet acoustics
  • Thermal acoustics
  • Underwater acoustics

Acoustic measurements

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Sound and vibrations can significantly influence the design and behavior of a system. Besides the fact that it is important to predict the origin and propagation of the sound in the design phase, measuring and identifying sound sources can also provide a wealth of design information. DEMCON Bunova has advanced measuring techniques for identifying, measuring and advising sound sources in very small to very large structures about their prevention or damping. Please refer to the experiments section of our website for more information.