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DEMCON Bunova offers consultancy in a wide range of structural analysis topics. We are experienced in the area of ​​strength & stiffness calculations of complex structures or the response of a structure or mechanical system to harmonic external forcing.

Also the prediction of plastic deformations, buckling or the mechanical interaction of parts is part of our portfolio. Especially when problems are complex and cooperation with DEMCON Bunova is initiated early on in the design process, high costs for redesign can be avoided. In this respect one could consider:

  • Buckling
  • Anisotrope materials
  • Multibody dynamica and impact analyse
  • Thermal mechanical stress


Strength and stiffness

FEM / Beam
FEM / Beam
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Possibly the most common question in the area of solid mechanics is the determination of the strength and/or stiffness of a part. The prediction of how much a part will deform under load, or even fail, is almost always of critical importance. Especially when weight reduction, costs or dimensional restraints are important, a thorough simulation of the (static) behavior can provide a substantial contribution. The performance of expensive, high risk and lengthy experiments can then ben avoided. DEMCON Bunova is highly experienced with the execution of these calculations and has specially outfitted calculation systems to perform these types of calculations as efficient as possible. In this respect one could consider:

  • Deformation as a result of point loads or distributed loads
  • Prediction of failure of parts and constructions
  • Large deformations

Vibrations, fatigue dan failure

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Besides the strength and stiffness of a part or construction is the prediction of the vibrational behavior often just as important. The number of examples where a construction failed due to unexpectedly occuring vibrations or the excitation of natural frequencies are large. Furthermore, vibrations can influence the accuracy of equipment significantly. The prediction of the vibrational behavior and possible natural frequencies of a part or construction is therefor something that should not be forgotten. A good prediction of the vibrational behavior can prevent many design iterations and reduce the total design costs. DEMCON Bunova has experience with:

  • Prediction of natural frequencies and vibrational modes
  • Drafting and interpreting bode-phase diagrams
  • Collaborating on design adaptations to avoid harmful vibration modes

Plastic deformation, buckling and creep

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The appearance of plastic deformation of a product is in some cases desired, but sometimes not at all. For, for example, a product that is only supposed to bend to a motion elastically, a plastic deformation is undesired. For shaping of a product on the other hand, plastic deformation is a necessity. In both cases correct prediction of the deformation behavior is much more advantageous than extensive experimentation, such as would be necessary with creep. Besides the fact that simulations can provide insight in the material changes and stresses within the material, are simulations often much cheaper than the many tests necessary to achieve a good result.

Contact mechanics


The behavior of contact surfaces between parts determines how loads are transferred. With a smooth surface for example, one can prevent jamming of two parts. However, in other situations, it may be desired that two parts do not move with respect to each other, by means of a rough surface. Through contact mechanics it can be determined which type of friction is desired between products. Based on this analysis, one can ascertain which materials need to be selected and if coatings need to be applied. This can save much time in the development stage of your product.

Multibody dynamics and impact analysis

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In practically every mechanism parts have interaction with each other, both statically and dynamically. In dynamic cases weight reduction is important to achieve an energy efficient system. However, this weight reduction should not lead to large deformations, or worse, failure. Also in possible crash situations the system should be safely intercepted without danger for the environment. The early execution of a multibody dynamics or impact analysis can prevent a wide range of future problems.