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Proper heat management within a device, component or process, or at large scale in a building or vehicle, can make the difference between successful implementation, or expensive redesign and adjustment. The (virtual) mapping of heat flows, temperature distributions and the influence of temperature differences or changes on parts at an early stage in the design process can avoid many problems later on. DEMCON Bunova has, among others, experience with:

Heat transfer/heat exchangers

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In many industrial processes heat exchangers represent a significant investment. At the same time the proper and efficient transfer of heat can influence a process very positively. Both are reasons to, when applying heat exchangers or other heat transfer mechanisms, critically evaluate the design and geometry. DEMCON Bunova can play a leading role in designing, improving and optimizing a range of heat transfer systems and heat exchangers. Consider for example:

  • Tubular heat exchangers
  • Plate heat exchangers
  • Active and passive cooling elements
  • Cooling of electrical components
  • Radiative cooling

Combustion processes

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The ever increasing scarcity of fossil fuels combined with the more strenuous demands on emissions results in the need to make combustion process more efficient and clean. Adaptations to burner geometry, the mixture behavior and pretreatment of fuel or oxidizer can contribute. In order to prevent time lost to sometimes superfluous experiments, the prediction of the effect of adaptations of the combustion apparatus is crucial. DEMCON Bunova has experience simulating combustion processes, such as:

  • Gas turbine combustion chambers
  • Boiler redesign and refit
  • Injector (re-)design and spray formation/combustion
  • Gas- and oil combustion
  • Thermo-acoustic instabilities
  • Emissions
  • Radiation effects

Evaporation and condensation

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Using a condensing/evaporating flow for the transport and transfer of heat is in some cases and ideal solution. Through the phase change one can, locally and with a limited mass flow, still take up or release a large amount of energy. At the same time there are many situation imaginable where condensation is unwanted, for example from point of view of corrosion, or the presence of electronics. In all these cases proper design and prediction of condensation/evaporation surfaces is of great importance. DEMCON Bunova can act as a development partner for a large range of evaporation and condensation problems.

Thermal-mechanical stress analysis

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The change of properties of materials as a result of temperature change is a well know phenomenon. Materials expand when heated, become stiff at low temperatures or even brittle. The effect of these changes on the failing of machinery and mechanisms is because of this very important. Especially when dimensions or strengths are critical, a thermal-mechanical stress analysis can be the difference between a will functioning product and expensive adaptations. The prediction and consultation on possible thermal-mechanical stresses is one of the domains where DEMCON Bunova can be of great added value.