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DEMCON takes over BuNova Development

“More computing power for complex projects” 

High-end technology supplier DEMCON has taken over BuNova Development engineers in Zwolle. The company will move into the DEMCON head office in Enschede under the name DEMCON BuNova with a view to participating in DEMCON development projects. DEMCON BuNova will in addition continue to carry out independent projects for its own customers. “Using the expertise in heat transfer and fluid flows and the computing power of BuNova we will boost our capacity to develop complex projects. They are also bringing in clients that are important for our new markets,” says DEMCON director Dennis Schipper.

BuNova Development was set up in 1997 and has evolved into a mechanical engineering and process technology engineering business in the areas of heat transfer and fluid flows. BuNova provides customers with innovative solutions in the design, development and improvement of processes and equipment where physical and chemical processes play an important role. The BuNova toolkit consists of in-depth expertise in physics and chemistry and the software for conducting simulations. Designing, calculating and improving with the aid of simulations before an actual prototype is constructed is something that can save customers considerable time and money.

BuNova works with software for Computational Fluid Dynamics, Finite Element Methods and Dynamic Modelling. The interaction between liquid and gas flows and the surrounding system are central to the calculations.

The main aspects are tension and deformation in structures, heat development and temperature distribution, along with other aspects of material behaviour.

Supplementary capabilities
BuNova has a staff of five, plus a flexible shell, and supplies a large number of markets, including the processing sector, the semi-conductor industry, the oil & gas sector, the maritime sector, heat exchange applications, medical technology and lighting. DEMCON and BuNova have come into regular contact with each other over recent years.

For example, both companies have lithography machine maker ASML as a customer. And they worked together on developing the Fluido, an instrument from The Surgical Company for controlled heating of infusion liquids. DEMCON developed a new heating principle along with the temperature control, while BuNova calculated the flow of the infusion liquid in order to optimise the design. DEMCON and BuNova thus complement each other with their respective capabilities. When owner Gep Geesink went looking for a partner with an eye to BuNova’s long-term future, DEMCON was a logical choice. At the beginning of this year it was decided that BuNova would be fully taken over by DEMCON.

Outstanding match
As a consultant, Geesink will continue to be associated with DEMCON BuNova – which will move into the DEMCON head office in Enschede – for at least the next four years. I expect that our collaboration will lead to new activities. The entrepreneurial culture and the way that DEMCON supports young companies appeal strongly to me.”

Geesink also sees a match in DEMCON’s informal company culture. “At BuNova we are not a collection of isolated technicians, but rather a team of experts capable of inspiring each other. This cross-pollination is a key part of the BuNova DNA. In the initial stages of a project, that is definitely significant. We are able to listen to the customer’s demands, but can also be strong-willed where necessary and are able to look for the solution in a different direction thanks to the broad expertise of our staff.” The fact that DEMCON has recently established a branch in Münster, Germany, fits with Geesink’s aims for BuNova. “We see many possibilities for further expansion in Germany.

Companies in the manufacturing sector in particular in the German market still make insufficient use of our type of simulation in their R&D programmes. And DEMCON’s presence in Eindhoven also links up well to our customer base.” In short, the match between DEMCON and BuNova is excellent. DEMCON director Dennis Schipper confirms this. “We naturally have the necessary expertise in calculations and simulations, but BuNova provides greater depth and breadth. With their expertise in heat transfer and fluid flows and their computing power we will enhance our capacity to develop complex projects. Moreover, they will open up new markets for us, such as oil & gas, and they are bringing important customers with them.”

DEMCON, with more than 200 staff, is a high-end technology provider of mechatronic products and systems, with high-tech systems and medical devices as areas of focus. Its head office is based in Enschede. There are branches in Eindhoven, Amsterdam, Oldenzaal and Münster (G).