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The board of the Technology Foundation STW has given his approval for five large-scale research programs that lead to innovative technologies. One of this programs is the unique public-private cooperation named SLING. DEMCON BuNova participates in this research program.

The SLING project
SLING develops the knowledge to enable new technologies for LNG tanks, with crucial cost saving potential. The key to design cost-effective LNG tanks is a shift to a first-principles approach to assess sloshing impacts. Due to the motion of the ship, surface waves are formed in the tanks that impact the tanks walls, with the risk of damaging the structure.
SLING brings together an unparalleled multidisciplinary team to tackle the complex sloshing physics through advanced experiments and numerical simulations. SLING creates a new Dutch knowledge infrastructure with multiphase flow experts, state-of-the-art numerical tools, and a unique multiphase facility.

For more information see the STW website.